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Mary Bamber – A Revolutionary Women – 2011


Mary bamber 2


Mary Bamber is a fitting subject for an artwork commissioned to stand on the notorious Speakers Corner outside St. George’s Hall in Liverpool. One of the lesser known activists in the suffrage movement, Mary Bamber was nevertheless a bold orator and militant, who refused to be silenced by her sex. The sculpture is not just a memorial, it represents those who have fought and are still fighting for political equality. The sculpture reminds us  that only a hundred years ago that women did not have the vote. It is possible to create huge social and political change  but it takes vision and fight.

Mary Bamber was painstakingly achieved through collaboration with sculptor, Nick Reynolds. Her facial expression became a point of obsession. Working with John Schoonraad, a leading advisor in prosthetics, Nick created an expression of pride and purpose, influenced  by the Russian socialist style.

Beyond her face, the entire sculpture is covered in ceramic tiles. Her clothes have been given radical touches, with skull trims and motifs which recall contemporary Hells Angels. The base of the sculpture is tiled with the names and deeds of her fellows in the suffragette movement, providing an enduring monument to Mary and those who fought alongside her.

Mary Bamber – A Revolutionary Woman is now on permanent display in the museum of Liverpool. An informative mosaic figure of the suffragette and social revolutionary once described by Sylvia Pankhurst as the ‘finest, fighting platform speaker in the country’. She reclaims the original Speakers Corner on St George’s Plateau just as she did in the early 1900s. Draw inspiration from Mary’s achievements, have your say and discover more about those women who dedicated their lives to bringing justice and equality to all.


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