Riot Here Riot Now Private View Thursday the W3 Gallery

Private View is this Thursday the 31st.  As in tomorrow!!!

Its 185 Acton High Street

Art Guitar Show – West London Art Factory

IMG_4809WEB Tonight  I’m off to the private view of the Art Guitar Show at the West London Art Factory.  I was never sure that putting mosaic on to a guitar would work or that I could get it done in time.

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Finally we go to the Peoples Republic of Stoke’s Croft

So finally I got to visit the People’s Republic of Stokes Croft and see the wonderful gallery and workshops they have there. It was the final day of the  Smash Activist China Now! Show that I exhibited in  and I wanted to go  see the current public art show that is on in the Bearpit  outdoor gallery  in Bristol. It runs until Nov 10th and I thoroughly recommend checking it out.


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Up to Stoke on Trent for The Brttish Ceramics Biennial

I was invited to speak at the British Ceramics Biennial.

I traveled up with co-conspirator Siany-sian. We attended a round table discussion at the old Spode factory about craft and well being. I was there to talk about the recent Craftivism project I was lead artist on with young people  in Birmingham with Craft Space.

It was bitter sweet to be visiting the town so famous for its rich historic past – the heart and soul of British ceramics. The Old Spode factory is brought back to life for 3 months whilst hosting the biennial,   but tragically lies empty and unused the rest of the time.

After the talk we thought we better get fed and prepare for the night ahead. So we had a nap and a swim,found a pub, ate some food and went back out with our comedy glue gun.  Stoke never knew what hit it.

This is what happens when you invite a Renegade Potter to come  and speak about Craftitvism. Deeds not words.




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Mosaicing South Acton

So after a few false starts we got to  South Acton and managed to put some tiles up.

IMG_4503WEBWell it was a bit more complicated than that. We had been given the go ahead to do a Treatmentrooms mosaic with the community. The aim to involve as many and as broader range of locals and residence of the South Acton Estate. We had a really loose design and that suited us perfectly as we where immediately surrounded by local kids trying to fine out what we where doing and asking how could they get involved.

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I Won the 2013 Winston Churchill Travelling Fellowship !!

I can’t believe it – I won this year’s Winston Churchill  Fellowship to  ‘Advance the craft of community mosaics in the UK’.   If you are wondering what this award is  -  here  is the write up from their website.

“We award Travelling  Fellowships  to British citizens from all walks of life to travel overseas, to bring back knowledge and best practice for the benefit of others in their UK professions and communities. Fellows receive a travel grant to cover return and internal travelling, daily living and insurance within the countries visited.”

They will be funding me to travel to Chile in Jan 2014 to visit and work alongside the incredible revolutionary ceramic artist Isidora Pas Lopez.  I will then travel to Mexico to work alongside side some amazing mosaic artists there.

chile invite

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London Art Fair 2013

Mad in England BlackIm back! and it’s with a bang. 

The London art fair starts on wednesday 16th of Jan and I am there with Inked gallery.  I have been feverishly working away for the last few months to make new pieces.

“Mad In England” is set to rock the art fair. Black white and gold! It was a risk but we think it has paid off.

Then to top  all off, I have one of my bonnets there too. Get down there and check it out! I here it is looking pretty good.

You’ll need tickets though so I have put the link below.

This is one of three “Mad In England” framed mosaics I have made for the art fair. Each one is completely individual and full of different ceramic transfers. Black and gold though, I think looks very  bewitching.

Black M.I.E Framed


The Revolution will be Ceramicised – 25th September, 2012

Under the Westway flyover, West London

‘The Revolution will be Ceramisiced’ represents collaboration between Carrie Reichardt, The Single Homeless Project and members of the Portobello and Notting Hill community, an area synonymous with alternative culture, creativity and rebellion since the 1820s. It was fabricated in part during the Mutate Britain ‘One Foot under the Grove’ exhibition. Free workshops were held weekly throughout this event.
The 10ft x 25ft mosaic mural, unveiled at the 2012 Portobello Film Festival, pays tribute to the local radical, innovative and imaginative people that have fuelled London’s creativity.
The mosaic is designed to capture the spontaneity of graffiti art, a form of political and artistic expression deeply rooted in the local area. Embedded within it are stylised images of a heart, a brain and the slogan ‘Think for yourself and act for others.’

Westway 2The final tiles were put in place in time for the 2012 Portobello Film Festival, to coincide with the showing of a short film, ‘Who are the Angola 3?’ by Hugo Levine, which featured Carrie Reichardt and won the audience vote for best film of the 2012 festival.

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Mad in England Jubilee Pastel 2012

Ceramic on Metal Bonnet
Mini Bonnet

Inspired by the invasion of all things kitsch into popular culture, this design uses vintage, digital and hand screen-printed ceramic transfers to expose the irony of this idealised portrayal of an England that never was.

Car Bonnet

Private Work

Over the course of her career, Carrie Reichardt has amassed an extensive archive of private works. These have either been commissioned personally, or created for specific group and solo exhibitions. The selection of recent works below showcases both Reichardt’s fascination with the state and popular culture, and her characteristic, painstaking technique.

Car Bonnet 3