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Little Miss DMT –  Milan Elephant Parade 2011


Little Miss DMT is typically controversial. The two-headed elephant was one of fifty created by various artists and displayed throughout Milan before being auctioned  to raise money for the Global Elephant Parade charity.

She is a complex combination of colour, motif and slogan. The two-headed form is sinister but this impression is offset by the brightness of the piece and the flowers and butterflies that cover her body.

The sculpture was initially to be called ‘Bunga Bunga’ – in reference to the then Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s, alleged sex parties.Unfortunately the name was considered too politically sensitive for the parade’s organisers. Instead the piece is radicalised with the phase ‘La Rivoluzionee’ora’ (the revolution is now), which is tattooed on each of the elephant’s ears. Shortly after the sculpture went on display, Berlusconi resigned and student riots swept the country.  Life imitating art, as phrase on Little Miss DMT’s ears became strangely prescient.

‘Phoolan’s double-headed brother or sister…. Just about to start working on a double headed elephant for the Milan Elephant Parade…am I am sucker for punishment or what. Expect something very different this time round…and watch this space!’



‘It has been very busy in my studio. I have been surrounded by a whole team of lovely friends and volunteers, who have been helping me mosaic Phoolan’s double headed sister for the new Milan show’.


‘Waving Goodbye to Little Miss DMT. Finally, our double headed elephant has left the studio and will go on display in Sept in Milan. I simply could not have completed her without a wonderful group of helpers and I thank all of you so very much. Team Treatment Rooms – you know who you are!’


Little miss DMT 1

Little Miss DMT 2