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I can’t believe it – I won this year’s Winston Churchill  Fellowship to  ‘Advance the craft of community mosaics in the UK’.   If you are wondering what this award is  –  here  is the write up from their website.

“We award Travelling  Fellowships  to British citizens from all walks of life to travel overseas, to bring back knowledge and best practice for the benefit of others in their UK professions and communities. Fellows receive a travel grant to cover return and internal travelling, daily living and insurance within the countries visited.”

They will be funding me to travel to Chile in Jan 2014 to visit and work alongside the incredible revolutionary ceramic artist Isidora Pas Lopez.  I will then travel to Mexico to work alongside side some amazing mosaic artists there.

chile invite

Whats more they even want to feature my travels  in their quarterly  magazine.

Churchill mag


churchill mag 2


So pretty amazing events are about to take place….Chile here I come…ready or not.