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Dada the Trojan Horse – 2011


Early in 2011 I was one of ten artists who were asked to take part in the Fine Form Horse Parade. It is an an unusual exhibition of life size horses and sees each artist faced with an innovative blank canvas, a resin horse, in a celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Cheltenham Festival. Carrie chose to collaborate on the project with sculptor Nick Reynolds. Together they transformed their horse into a highly crafted and politicised artwork.The horse’s head was re-structured to resemble a skull, whilst the body was covered in ceramic tiles detailing the history of horses and the atrocities they have undergone at the hands of men. These included statistics from the animal rights group Animal Aid on fatal injuries to racehorses. Organised by Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum, the Fine Form: Horse Parade, a special exhibition of unique equine art, will be on show from Monday 1 August 2011.


‘Our horse for Cheltenham is coming along nicely… Nick Reynolds is busy re-modeling this fine creature. I hope Cheltenham appreciates our hard work’.



‘Dada the Trojan Horse – leaves the studio for its new home in Cheltenham. We have worked day and night to complete this piece and I am mighty proud of it! I’m not sure what Cheltenham Festival goers will make of it as we have included are some hard hitting images and facts’


Trojan Horse 1

Trojan Horse 2

‘Conspicuously positioned among the racing fraternity, the artwork was always going to provide a point of discussion and controversy. Shortly after it was placed on public display, occupying a prestigious spot in the Long Gardens, the horse was vandalised and moved to the Beechwood shopping centre for its own safety’.
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