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I was invited to speak at the British Ceramics Biennial.

I traveled up with co-conspirator Siany-sian. We attended a round table discussion at the old Spode factory about craft and well being. I was there to talk about the recent Craftivism project I was lead artist on with young people  in Birmingham with Craft Space.

It was bitter sweet to be visiting the town so famous for its rich historic past – the heart and soul of British ceramics. The Old Spode factory is brought back to life for 3 months whilst hosting the biennial,   but tragically lies empty and unused the rest of the time.

After the talk we thought we better get fed and prepare for the night ahead. So we had a nap and a swim,found a pub, ate some food and went back out with our comedy glue gun.  Stoke never knew what hit it.

This is what happens when you invite a Renegade Potter to come  and speak about Craftitvism. Deeds not words.







Finally managed to visit Heraldic pottery – a great company that has been printing all my digital ceramic prints for years. Tour round their workshop was amazing. So good to see SOME industry thriving in the midlands.


Finally a wizz around the  Gladstone Pottery Museum. The last victorian ceramics factory  left standing.



Would love to be invited back to the Biennial to work on a community ceramic project in 2015, so fingers crossed they see the value in some subversive ceramics.