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The Tiki Love Truck

The Tiki Love Truck

The Tiki Love Truck – 2007



On Saturday 8 September 2007, the UK’s first ever Art Car Parade saw 30 reconstructed vehicles take to the streets of Manchester in the name of creativity and fun. Amongst them was The Tiki Love Truck- a mobile mosaic mausoleum, commissioned by Walk the Plank.

Once conceptualised, the vibrant, Polynesian inspired design for the Tiki Truck was segmented and drawn onto separate brown paper templates. An indirect method of mosaic transfer was used, so that the tiles were temporarily fixed to the brown paper design, before being transferred to the Tiki Truck itself with a more durable adhesive. In total the truck took a team of five artists three months to complete.

During the making of the truck, Carrie received news that her friend, John Joe ‘Ash’ Amador, an inmate on death row, was to be executed. She decided to dedicate the truck to his memory and travelled to Texas with her friend and artistic collaborator Nick Reynolds. After bearing witness to Ash’s execution, Carrie and Nick Reynolds went with Ash’s body to a cabin in the local woods where Nick cast his death mask.

Ten days later, the Tiki Love Truck made its way through the streets of Manchester lined with thousands of spectators. Ash’s death mask took pride of place on the top of the truck. Commissioned by Walk the Plank for the first ever Art Car Parade, Manchester. The Tiki Truck was awarded The Makeover prize, for the most original or impressive applied decoration or feature.

The Tiki Love Truck has since toured the country and performed at various shows and exhibitions. This includes; Illuminated Art Car Parade – Blackpool 2007, Glowmobile Art Car Parade – Gateshead 2007, ‘402’ Vibe Bar – London, Glowmobile Art Car Parade – Gateshead 2008, Trash City – Glastonbury 2009, Camp Bestival – Lulworth 2009, Bestival – Isle Of Wight 2009, Illumniated Art Car Parade – Manchester 2009, Edinburgh’s Christmas Art Car Parade – Edinburgh 2009